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Head of Operations

The Wild Things Gifts team design and create industry leading handmade window ornaments using the best crystals available. Over almost 40 years we have developed a brand known for originality, great design and service. The team is an extremely talented set of individuals - many of them have run their own businesses in the past.

Wild Things are already the largest distributor of crystal products in the UK, primarily through garden centres, cathedrals, gift shops and to a degree tourist attractions. However there is a huge opportunity to do much more. With a graphic design portfolio developed over the years we are now read to apply these to a wider product range and further develop both their domestic and export markets. Current export sales focus primarily on the USA, along with substantial numbers into Spain, Switzerland and France.

The complexity of the business demands the state of the art software which is already in place and functioning well.

We conduct every aspect of our business in a fair, ethical and environmentally responsible manner, whilst giving high priority to ‘kaizen’ - constant improvement.

In order to achieve this further growth Wild Things are offering an exciting opportunity to join us as Head of Operations. We are looking for an individual who balances a keen eye for detail with the essential interpersonal skills that will ensure the next evolution and growth of the company.

We are looking to recruit someone who is confident and competent in:

Delivery - ‘Making it happen’

  • Setting and driving the operational plan
  • Understanding market dynamics in order to make good decisions
  • Managing complex and diverse projects
  • Always looking to improve the client experience and team performance


  • Organising the team to deliver our product range efficiently
  • Keeping all team members informed and working to the same goal
  • Negotiating and sustaining excellent networking relationships with the team, suppliers and clients


  • Collecting, analysing and interpreting data, using sound judgement to make good decisions eg ensuring stock levels are always sufficient to meet demand
  • Always looking to improve the client experience and team performance
  • Problem solving, working to prevent bottlenecks throughout the business

Decision making

  • Keeping a clear head when deadlines are looming and ensuring that everyone in the team is on target and on trend all the time

Essential skills

  • Compassionate and firm with colleagues and clients alike
  • A good planner with a keen eye for detail
  • Must have high numerical ability to oversee budgets and forecasting
  • Effective meetings manager to ensure that this business continues to thrive whilst sharing all the appropriate information and briefings in a timely manner
  • A sense of fun, and a good sense of humour

Desired experience

  • Familiarity with the gift trade

For further information please email


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